Prospers and Perils in Poetry

          In this page, I will add bits and pieces of the writings I have accumulated across the span of my ongoing journey. Many of my writings have been destroyed, lost, left behind or have simply faded away in the midst of different affections and afflictions. I will share those that have survived, and those that are crafted in the midst of the present day in hopes that you may glean some experience from my life experiences. I must warn that many of these writings were crafted at different stages of my life and represent both the pain and happiness that has fallen upon me. Some of these writings may seem offensive or vulgar at times, but these experiences are what collectively make me the person I am today.

          Here is the third posting for Prospers and Perils in Poetry. This was orginally posted in the notes section on my personal facebook page, but I wanted to capture it here in the blog.

          Remember the children and be their voice. Find ways to serve them and be their protection. Be their eyes, their ears and their voice, for the afflicted are restrained and rejected. Teach your children to pull others close instead of pushing them away.

Reaching Out For a Hand

Reaching out for a hand not quite there
Gasping for breath, only to reach for air
Not knowing where I’m going, or even where I’ve been
Living the life of another’s sin
Pure I am for innocence knows me well
Yet I’m trapped in someone else’s hell
Living a life where choices don’t belong to me
Others make my decisions, others that can’t see
Yet they know best, yet they don’t live
They take and they take, and I give and I give 

          Here is writing number two of which I am choosing to share. I had just arrived in Millington, Tennessee for “A” School…otherwise known as the place where I learned the art of working on military aircraft. The base was an old run-down Naval Air Station, housing a few Marine Aviation Squadrons, as well as a host of Naval Administration Personnel. The only other purpose for this almost non-operational base in little known Millington, Tennessee was to train Naval Airmen and women their future trades.

          A few little known facts for the sake of this post are that when first arriving on the base, even though you are free from the confines of boot camp, you are not allowed to leave the base for a given amount of time. Secondly, the Navy promotes young servicemen and women to engage in community service. So what else does a new Naval recruit do? You try not to become stagnant…and in trying not to do so, you see a great deal of peripheral items which probably never would have garnered your attention before. Like the following for example;

Volunteers Needed

 Volunteers Needed to Help Serve Breakfast at the Ronald McDonald House on Saturday Morning. Bus Departs from the On Base McDonald’s at 7AM, returning at 3:30PM.

          Where was the bus going? Ronald McDonald House you say? OK…Great…But I didn’t exactly know what this place was or what purpose in life they served, but I knew that something was tugging at me to go. I outright ignored the tug at first. I mean, I had to work out, sleep in, watch television, play games…you know…important stuff. A couple of weeks flew by which effortlessly turned into a couple months and the ever so present yet subtle note still hung shamelessly from the barracks bulletin board. This call to service read the same every weekend. Remember the tug? Yeah, it was becoming more of a pull…and then a drag…and the next thing I know, I was on that bus. I was naive and oblivious to everything at the time, but the bus was taking us to the Ronald McDonald House  which serves the St Jude’s Children Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. And for the first time in my short life, I saw true brokenness and true courage, all in one setting. The following poem was more of a prayer, a cry out to God in both somber anger and desperate hope for these innocent children and their families.

Hear Them Call

Have you ever seen a child who knew they were going to die?

Have you seen the pain which lies within their eyes?

Easily amused, yet inside they are afraid

Dealing with the thoughts of death which lie within their head

God I saw a child today, actually I saw a few

Can you help them? if anyone can, it’s You.

A call of distress is embedded deep within their hearts

A call you must hear as it tears them apart

Cure their disease as it paralyzes limb-by-limb

Let them experience the power of God’s Unleashing Hymn

The hair has fallen from their heads with their souls soon to follow

They must live for today and not plan for tomorrow

Let them plan their future, heed their calls and cries

Have you ever seen a child who knew they were about to die?

Joshua Harris



          This first writing is about a struggle between a world that was here and now and how the vices of this world were quickly taking control of my life, blurring reality and getting in the way of a journey that involved what seemed to be an endless quest of cat and mouse between God and me. My curiosity would draw me closer to God, but at the same time further away.


Curiosity arousing my senses

Opening them to new revelations

Curiosity catches my attention

Sending it to higher elevations

Unexpected thoughts linger in my mind

Teasing my cerebral activity

Climbing up my spinal vine

I never have been so mind stimulated

Never to have a thought to be related

Curiosity driving me to extinction

If I don’t find out I’ll never know Him

My fear could keep me from knowing me

That is if I could restrain my curiosity

Levels of curiosity are rising too high

If I don’t find out, existing reality might say goodbye

If I don’t find out I’ll never know

Enabling my personality to experience and grow

My mind holds the power to unleash this disease

Without being unleashed my curiosity will never leave

Getting up the nerve to face this obstacle

Overcoming it is harder, but yet it is able

Able to happen, able to come true

But yet I place this curiosity in you

You hold the key to unlock my soul

Take me away from the madness that is out of control

Take it away, take it away from me

Give it here, let me exit my curiosity

Joshua Harris



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